About Us


The HPMG Difference

Consultants that work with you to develop the plan, set it into action, and see it through. Experience in many industries. Only the best partner firms. Understanding of new market techniques and strategies for the quickly changing world. Global client base.

Our Team is Expert

Creative Director with 20 Years National-Level Experience

State-of-the-Art Creative Suite w/Professional Photo & Video Studio

Experience Across All Industries

Certified Social Media Managers

Recording Studio for V/O and Custom Music Production

World Class Partners to Fit Any Project Scale

Our Process

We work with each client to identify the goal, or understand the challenge and the best solution to answer that challenge.

We then create a strategy, or outline the plan that will lead to the best possible result.

Then we DO IT.

We put our expert team of 16 on the task and bring the project to life. Finally, we realize the result; or, simply put, deliver results.

One of our founders’ commitments is to Iowa, the state where they were born, grew up, and have realized their own success.

There are multiple differences about HPMG’s process - here are a couple:


We have a truly expert team with years of experience in both public and private sector success.


Our project managers don’t just talk “at you”…

They listen!