Hill Productions & Media Group CEO, Justin Hill, accompanies client and Hollywood legend, Robby Benson, on whirlwind 25th anniversary tour for Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast”

Robby Benson, the acclaimed film star and television director, recently traveled to Chicago and New York City to promote the 25th anniversary of Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” in which he voiced the character of the BEAST. Accompanying Benson on his promotional schedule in NYC was Justin Hill, CEO of Hill Productions & Media Group, as well as members of the Disney global PR team

Outreach Specialist (Cold Calling & Cold Emailing)

Only Serious Candidates $10-14/hr – 401k & Option for Benefits

For the position of Outreach Specialist, we are seeking serious applicants only, with or without experience for cold calling & cold emailing. We will bring you up-to-speed and train you within 30 days. After completing training, you will spend your days developing new leads through targeted prospecting (cold calls, emails, mail, etc.), cultivating relationships. You will also need to be highly organized and basic computer skills, as you will be updating our records and using new technology that sets us apart from your average firm.

Integrated Marketing in Today’s World

Integrated Marketing

WHAT? WHY? WHEN? WHERE?: Integrated Marketing in Today’s World As a composer writes a symphony each single note might seem insignificant, however together they create a beautiful, emotional, and moving experience of melody and harmony. Marketing is the same way. What is Integrated Marketing? There are many definitions for Integrated Marketing but I like to…