10 Things You Should Know Before You Launch Your Small Business - by Justin W. Hill

HPMG Founder and CEO Pens Book

Business consultants are often asked myriads of questions when becoming familiar with new clients and their businesses, however some questions (and the challenges they represent) could be called ‘typical’. Hill Productions & Media Group Founder and CEO, Justin Hill, addresses ten of these routine questions in his recently released book, “10 Things You Should Know…

Social Media And Content Sharing

Content is Key

In our years of providing digital marketing for clients, we have found that there is one thing that the successful campaigns (long-term or short-term) seem to have in common: providing quality content. It’s a misconception that a company can simply “hand over their [insert social media platform] account” to our firm (or one like ours)…

Hill Productions & Media Group CEO, Justin Hill, accompanies client and Hollywood legend, Robby Benson, on whirlwind 25th anniversary tour for Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast”

Robby Benson, the acclaimed film star and television director, recently traveled to Chicago and New York City to promote the 25th anniversary of Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” in which he voiced the character of the BEAST. Accompanying Benson on his promotional schedule in NYC was Justin Hill, CEO of Hill Productions & Media Group, as well as members of the Disney global PR team