We at Putnam County felt very fortunate to have listened to Justin Hill, present on marketing and branding in the 21st Century. The knowledge and information students learned in just a short amount of time are priceless.. The presentation was simply amazing and thoroughly captivating with just the right balance of humor. Your ability to connect to a variety of personalities and ages is a true gift.

Dana Devore, Putnam County High School

We are very fortunate to be associated with Hill Productions & Media Group, Inc.! As artist/performers, our stage show is comprised of many parts. Rehearsals, writing music and getting ready for shows are a big part of what we do and we love every minute of it! There is the lesser-known part of the mix and that’s the back office of being in the music business. This is a business and the work that must be done booking, promoting, advertising, meeting with industry folks and getting the word out on our next big project or show is also time consuming. That’s where Hill Productions have made our lives easier and our days run more smoothly. Social Media is the vehicle that every artist must attend to and Diana has done a bang up job with our social media! “Diana, we have loved working with you, so easy and you somehow, knew exactly what worked for us so truly, thank you so much!” -Tennessee Line

Tennessee Line Band

Venturing into the music industry without Justin’s expertise, insight, and advice would have been like trying to piece together a 1,000-piece puzzle while wearing a blindfold. He helped us gain a clear understanding of the “Big Picture”, yet was able to provide us with small, realistic, doable action items that are tangible. Working with Justin is a true pleasure

Jill Osenbaugh – Manager, James Carothers

HPMG came up with a website and logo that incorporated what my business represents while, at the same time, streamlining and making it user-friendly. Hill Productions not only creates awesome finished products, but also provides the best customer service I’ve ever experienced!”

Lori Bumgarner – Owner, paNASH Style

$300,000+ deal came in through working with Hill Productions on online leads and sales. The experience was amazing and the results are even better. Unbelievable experience and team!

David Birchmier – Founder & CEO, MPA