Keep your sales pipeline full!

Our reps make more than 100+ strategic calls/emails a day!

Key Benefits

  • Consistent & Highly Trained Prospecting
  • Predictable metrics & consistent follow up
  • Scalable
  • Onsite US Reps
  • No remote or offshoring! (working out of the basement)
  • Real professionals! (Higher pay than x% of industry)
  • Real Reports, Data, and Management!
  • Less Headaches!
  • No more HR issues
  • No more technology issues
  • No more Revenue Teetertotter
  • Closing Deals vs. Opening Up New Deals

High-Class, Boutique, Demand Generation Agency

Outbound Services

  • Lead Generation/Qualification
  • Appointment Setting
  • Sales Campaigns
  • Seminar/Event Registration
  • Tradeshow Pre-Show & Post-Show
  • Market Research/Surveys
  • Informational/Promotional Calls
  • Sales Training
HPMG Outreach Calling


  • Phone
  • Email
  • SMS
  • Social Selling
  • Direct Mail
  • Handwritten Cards
  • Digital Ads & Inbound Forms


You have a great product or service.. Now is the time to let people know about it and market to them with maximum results in minimum time!

HPMG Outreach - Pipeline

We do the marketing & research - prospecting - lead qualification

HPMG Outreach - What We Do Graphic
Outreach, HPMG
Sales and Outreach Division HPMG


  • We can use your CRM, Email, and Phone #. All calls and interactions are recorded for quality.
  • We can add reps to your campaign rapidly for seasonal businesses!
  • Reporting & Training Daily
  • Local Caller ID
  • No list, no problem. We have you covered.
Mitch Goudy

"Rowdie" Mitch Goudy

VP Business Development

What the Clients Say...

Sam McClure

Sam McClure

Co-owner M3Fab

They sent over way more leads than expected and got us in with some big fish… Super helpful to grow our business and I highly recommend them.

Angela Ridpath

Angela Ridpath

Director Of Marketing, MCH Data

We utilized HPMG to outreach to a group of inactive customers & prospects. They are extremely professional and took extra steps to understand the complexities of our business. They asked all the right questions and did their homework to learn our products and services. We are very happy with the results and have rolled out an ongoing outreach program with them.

Paul Zimmerman

Paul Zimmerman

Founder, Zimmerman Trailers

We had traffic lined up down the aisle and around the corner at the trade show! People said, “someone at your office called me!” Then they followed up. It made my life easy.

Hill Productions And Media Group - Better

Cold Calling Examples

Outreach, HPMG
Sales and Outreach Division HPMG