Belmond Growth Alliance Tagline, Branding & Promotional Videos

Project Description

Belmond, IA is a community of doers. The stakeholders throughout all of Wright County determined they were in need of a primary logo as well as complementary logo extensions for several local entities. The group also wanted to produce videos for use in promoting their community as a place for folks to live, visit and open/expand their businesses. Our team worked with them from start to finish, including several on-site visits and digital follow-up surveys, to create everything they were looking for.

Established in 2020, Belmond Growth Alliance combined the efforts and resources of the Belmond Area Chamber of Commerce and the Belmond Industrial Development Co. (BIDCO). The organization strives to assist with recruitment efforts for available buildings and job sites, provide a strong community base to support local businesses and market Belmond as the prime place to be, to build and to belong.