The Continental Historic Hotel Collateral

Project Description

Following a slight logo refresh, The Continental was desired to update a number of pieces used throughout the hotel, itself, as well as their basic marketing collateral. Custom pieces were designed and sourced for items such as in-room binders, notepads, letterhead, pens and business cards. The end result was a comprehensive, assortment of branded pieces that incorporated the new logo and elevated the hotel’s overall presentation and aesthetic of printed items.

The Continental Hotel is a historic property on the charming town square of Centerville, Iowa. Built in 1866 and rebuilt in 1893, The Continental Hotel has played host top a number of famous historical figures including Booker T. Washington, Carrie Nation, and—reportedly—Jesse James and Al Capone. The Iowa caucuses have brought countless political figures stumping across our steps, including Vice Presidents Joe Biden and Al Gore, First Lady Michelle Obama, and Senator Ted Cruz. Today, the hotel is owned by the Morgan E. Cline Perpetual Charitable Foundation. This non-profit organization also oversees the Majestic Theater. Any profits made at these social enterprises are used to further the foundation’s mission to foster a thriving Appanoose County, Iowa.