Justin & Levi

Client Success Dutch Country Living, LLC

HPMG Founder, Justin Hill, presents long-time client, Levi Good, CEO of Dutch Country Living, LLC., with INC5000 Recognition.

What Our Clients Say

In the fall of 2014, God impressed upon me to start my own newspaper business…a Christian cattle paper. I had worked in the newspaper business for several years prior and somewhat knew about sales and production but not how to properly market a business and had never been involved in financials. The paper was doing well as I progressed into 2015 and by 2016, it was flourishing and I regret during that time not hiring Hill Productions and Media Group to grow this business even further. I relied on my own abilities, which was a mistake and by the fall of 2017, the business started to decline. That’s when I called Hill Productions and Media Group and though they tried to get things rolling for me, the decline was too sudden without the necessary time to build it up again.
Hill Productions and Media Group would have been very beneficial to me had I hired them during the high point of my business; they would have kept clients rolling in; the paper would have grown in page size, circulation and readership, and would have been so much more useful to subscribers with a larger variety of advertisers.
I am truly grateful for the time and effort that Hill Productions and Media Group put in to help my business; they were very gracious and the knowledge they have of marketing is astounding. I would recommend them to anyone, whether just starting out or in business for many years!

Beth A. Withrow

“I am truly impressed. I’m glad you keep following-up. I feel you’re acting as a true partner and that is amazing! I feel good about the long term potential of this given what I’ve seen so far. Thank you for ALL you’re doing. “

Solar Company in Iowa

$300,000+ deal came in through working with Hill Productions on online leads and sales. The experience was amazing and the results are even better. Unbelievable experience and team!

David Birchmier

Founder & CEO

MPA Computers, LLC


We had traffic lined up down the aisle and around the corner at the tradeshow.

Paul Zimmerman


Zimmerman Trailers


We utilized HPMG to test outbound phone outreach to a group of inactive customers and prospects. The team at HPMG was extremely professional and took the extra steps to understand the complexities of our business. They asked all of the right questions and did their homework to learn our products and services. We were very happy with the results of the test and have rolled out an ongoing outreach program with them.

Angela Ridpath

MCH Data


They sent over way more leads than expected and got us in with some big fish… Super helpful to grow our business and I highly recommend them.

Sam McClure