Gail B Wortmann

I am an online entrepreneur. I market lesson plans and professional development via the Web to educators across the nation. Although I am fairly computer proficient, I knew I was not using social media to its full potential. The presentation, “Your Business, Your Customers, & the Internet: Bring it All Together,” helped me identify how best to maximize the limited time I have to spend on marketing. I am an “evidence girl.” I like to use data to inform my decisions and this presentation was full of data about what social media applications are employed by specific users, thus allowing me to target my efforts.
Justin Hill, the presenter, involved his audience, asking many questions in an attempt to discern participants needs so he could offer sound advice. He focused on marketing ideas using free social media tools, but did it in a way that matched the knowledge and skills of the audience members. He respected our time by finishing within the advertised time limit.
This workshop did what it said it was going to do and was well worth my time.