Death of Traditional Retail & Small Towns?

Don’t Ignore This….

If consumer spending is up, and the stock market is breaking records, why are so many retailers and small towns failing? While I hate to oversimplify things, if we would all just use common sense, we would realize a major contributing factor is our inability to change with the fast moving market.

Big Box Stores, and Mom & Pops… Look out. The consumer is now not only looking for amazing service, a great experience, competitive pricing, and overall convenience; they also now can compare you with every other store that is ONLINE. Meaning they come in knowing more than many of your unskilled or undertrained employees.

I hate to see it happen, but it’s happening. A lot of businesses are starting to get fat & happy now that the economy is booming… But what happens when it turns? Other businesses are already feeling the pressure from the major online retailers. You can bet the numbers will look even more staggering. Most of these poorly run shops won’t be in business, you can bet on that.

So what is the solution? Well first off, remember we are all in the same boat here. I sell digital media, cold calling for businesses, custom videos, photography, websites, etc. There are hundreds of other firms competing with me… So here are some steps we have taken to make our business as bulletproof as possible –

  • High-level service to our employees and clients
  • Ease of buying, educating, and marketing our products, both online & offline
  • Implementing a robust training program for our staff
  • Focus on Referral Programs and Reviews
  • Creating a predictable marketing & sales engine

Now you might be saying… I’m just a small auto body shop, or a local dentist, or little ol’ restaurant, maybe a nice financial advisor. Well, judging by the numbers and trends, I wouldn’t rest on those laurels. The business market place is moving faster than ever, and the people doing it right are being rewarded.

I believe in small towns, I believe in rural areas. The sole reason is the work ethic of people. We can outshine other places and outperform corporate threats. But we aren’t going to do it by sitting back… Business owners, step up your game.

I hope this article has sparked some inspiration and thoughts. The future of this area relies on YOU. And our company will be right there by your side.

Author: Rowide Mitch Goudy, VP of Business Development