Hill Productions and Media Group Declared a Top Web Designer and Branding Firm

The Midwest has historically been known as a quiet place…a sleepy fly-over area with more corn husking than anything else (although the occasional city slicker has been known to traverse the in-between area). While this may be a partially true assessment, what people do not usually think of is the opportunity the Midwest affords. Located in both Iowa and Tennessee, we have a massive advantage over other companies because – right off the bat – our costs are lower, but our talent is right on track to compete with experts nationally and globally. What’s more, our clients (both large and small in size) truly appreciate the values of hard work and excellence in all we do.

One would think that some talented and creative people from the Midwest area might get overlooked by the big coastal firms. But the prestigious Washington, D.C. firm, Clutch, ranked Hill Productions and Media Group (HPMG) very highly in several key areas. By compiling client reviews, case studies, and objective quantitative data, Clutch is able to gain market insights that lead to more efficient and transparent transactions throughout the world.

Clutch.co Award - Top Digital Agencies, Des Moines 2018
Clutch.co Award - Top Digital Agencies, Nashville 2018

Clutch recently named HPMG the top web developer in Des Moines. Due to the company’s emphasis on excellence and building close-knit client relations, HPMG was able to take the number one spot. “Ultimately, though, we recognize that our clients are most instrumental to our success,” Founder and CEO Justin Hill states.

Continuing the trend of achievement, Clutch also named HPMG a top branding company in Nashville. Hill shares, “We would like to thank our clients for our continued achievements. Their candid and congratulatory commentary allowed Clutch to get a sense of our working process.”

Levi Good, owner of Dutch Country Living, understands what the HPMG process is fundamentally accomplishing: selling products. “I can go on GoDaddy or Shopify and build a website myself, or hire someone in their basement to create a website for me. More often than not, it will not work. It will not sell products. These guys can sell products.”

The tremendous teamwork of our staff, coupled with reviews on Clutch, afforded us a feature on their sister website, The Manifest. Our profile on The Manifest is a great snapshot of the services we offer and the clients we serve.

Founded in 2006, Hill Productions and Media Group has gained national recognition and enjoys serving the entire nation, along with clients in several additional countries. Our motto is: ‘It’s only good if it works’. That simple, pragmatic approach has inspired our results and thrust our clients forward in their businesses. Now, with additional client reviews from Clutch, we look forward to further refining our process and aiding our clients more deeply.