HPMG Announces $25,000 In Grants

Hill Productions & Media Group, Inc., a Bloomfield, Iowa based consulting and marketing firm, recently announced the first round of grant recipients for their “Do Love Well” 2019 Giving Initiative. Through the new philanthropic initiative, the company (led by founders Justin Hill & Diana Upton-Hill) will pledge more than $50,000 in funding and in-kind services to worthy causes in the areas of Arts & Culture, Education, and Historic Preservation by early 2020.

“We believe in the importance of giving back in order to enrich the world in which we live, inviting everyone to make 2019 a year to Do Love Well. Together we can make the world a better place.”

– Justin Hill

Receiving nearly $25,000 in total, first round grant recipients include a diverse cross-section of local and regional 501(c)3 organizations. They are Main Street Centerville (Centerville, Iowa), Music con Brio (Madison, Wisconsin), International Center for Rural Culture & Art, Inc. (Allerton, Iowa), Corning Opera House Cultural Center (Corning, Iowa), Historic Preservation Corporation (Centerville, Iowa), Davis County High School Drama Club (Bloomfield, Iowa), and Art Center of Burlington (Burlington, Iowa).

With backgrounds in the entertainment and business worlds, Justin, Diana, and the entire HPMG team have pledged to make 2019 a year to “Do Love Well”. In 2016, Diana first gained major popularity as a country artist for the release of her single “Do Love Well”, promoting the “whatever you do, do love well” ideal. The single was followed up with a Billboard-charting hit “Southern Gentlemen”, which allowed Upton-Hill to travel the country promoting her message and music. Through HPMG’s “Do Love Well” 2019 Giving Initiative, the Hills and their company will offer grants of cash donations and in-kind services to deserving activities and organizations throughout the areas HPMG serves, including the Midwest region, and the greater Nashville, TN area.

“As business people, it’s incredibly important for us to provide funds to causes that are often overlooked. Our entire team at HPMG believes in the importance of giving back in order to enrich the world in which we live. We volunteer our time, our expertise, and funding to many causes each year, but moving forward we have decided to streamline and focus our efforts – hopefully with the benefit of greater impact. We invite and challenge everyone to make 2019 a year to Do Love Well. Together we can make the world a better place,” Hill explains.

Second round funding requests are currently being accepted and due no later than August 1, 2019. Interested parties should visit the company’s website for further information and to apply.

If you’d like more information, please contact Diana Hill at Hill Productions and Media Group, Inc., 888-364-1216, or email diana@hillproductionsinc.com.