HPMG Founder and CEO Pens Book

Business consultants are often asked myriads of questions when becoming familiar with new clients and their businesses, however some questions (and the challenges they represent) could be called ‘typical’. Hill Productions & Media Group Founder and CEO, Justin Hill, addresses ten of these routine questions in his recently released book, “10 Things You Should Know Before You Launch Your Small Business”.

“So often when doing a speaking engagement or getting to know a new client I answer the same questions multiple times. These aren’t bad questions, in fact they are anything BUT bad questions. They represent common thought processes and situations that all business owners are presented with,” states Hill. As noted on the back cover of the book, some of these topics include: identifying funding solutions, finding a work/life balance, dealing with problem clients, planning and budgeting, building a team, and more.

While many of these situations are represented when sewing the seeds of a new enterprise, the book is also valuable for entrepreneurs on the next step of scaling their businesses as well. Hill explains, “After several years in business it’s easy to get into a rut, or at least into a routine. Sometimes routines are good, but ruts are never good. It’s always valuable to remind yourself, as a business owner, of the areas you might be forgetting, and to start thinking out of the box again.”

10 Things You Should Know Before You Launch Your Small Business” is Hill’s first full-fledged writing effort, but it promises not to be the last. Already getting attention from business educators as well as the target audience, the value of this easy-to-read title (62 pages make it a quick and concise read) is clear. Available for free as a Kindle Unlimited download and by request HERE, the goal of the effort is to help those who need it by sharing advice from a seasoned professional who not only consults on business topics, but has also started and operated businesses of his own. Pick up your copy today!

ABOUT JUSTIN W. HILL – Justin Hill, HPMG Founder & CEO, is an entrepreneur, musician, and marketer that has worked with Grammy, Emmy, Tony, CMA, ACM, and Oscar Award winning talent over a career that has spanned nearly 20 years. With a tremendous work ethic and an eye for the “IT” factor, Justin continues to bring projects to life for businesses, organizations, entertainers, and more around the world. As a sought-after consultant he has worked with Iowa Economic Development Authority (IEDA), Main Street Iowa, and Indian Hills Community College Entrepreneurial Center. Through his leadership at HPMG the company has garnered multiple awards and recognitions including being named a Top Digital Agency in the United States, Top Web Design Firm in the United States, and more. Recent client achievements include product features on Home Shopping Network (HSN) and placement on Inc. Magazine’s INC5000 List of Fastest Growing Companies in the United States.

By Diana Upton-Hill, VP and Senior Project Manager