Phonebook? Google Places? Facebook Page? Website? (Digital Marketing Tips)

Is a Facebook Page enough for my business? Is just a website enough?

I get these questions every day from business owners running small shops to large corporations. Here is the quick answer… Yes, it’s enough for the result you are getting today.

If you are happy with the results you are getting today and don’t need any new clients, then you will just want to make sure all your information is correct on Google Places and on your Facebook page. One thing you should make sure to do is to claim your business on Facebook. Very easy to do. Many businesses don’t realize that they have a page up on Facebook, but it doesn’t have the correct information, or you aren’t in control of it. Go on Facebook, search your business name; if it is unclaimed just click the link claiming you own this business. Follow the prompts, as Facebook will have to verify that it is really your business, then it’s complete. That simple.

Google Places

Now, for an IMPORTANT question. When do I need a website, or when do I need a better website? These questions I always answer with, “What are your business goals?”. If you are looking to be in business and get new clients over the next few years, the obvious answer is that you do need a website. There are free website builders you can look into, or of course, you can call a company like ours and we can consult with you on the best approach. So when do I need a better website? If your website isn’t generating any results, it isn’t because being online doesn’t work… Because some of our clients are doing $100,000+ in new business online. Some things to check to make sure the website looks good on a mobile phone and you don’t have to zoom to see anything on different devices. Also, does your design and quality reflect the service/products you offer or your brand? If it looks cheap, people will automatically feel your business provides that kind of service. Don’t let this overwhelm you, as many websites today already have that functionality.

“Does the design and quality of your website reflect the service/products you offer? If it looks cheap, people will automatically feel your business provides that kind of service.”

Here are the main reasons a website will benefit you

  • Allows you to show up in search results. When someone types in your business or service in the area on Google or Yahoo, they can find your page and get in contact with you.
  • Allows you to run ads, increasing your chances of acquiring new customers
  • Gives your customers a place to go to answer their own questions and to learn more about your business
  • You can ‘cover up’ your competition. You do this by showing up on their keywords or even when people search for their name.
  • There are many more benefits (such as selling online), but these reasons are likely more than enough to convince you.

Facebook Store

So the last question is – When is a Facebook Page enough? Many business owners only have a Facebook. This is understandable because you may be generating more than enough business through it. In that case, I agree it is enough. You use Facebook to interact with potential and current clients. As long as you are regularly posting interactive content you’re nailing it! We often work with companies posting on their Facebook, and it becomes their number one place to earn new business. So in summary, if you don’t worry about search results and already currently have all the clients you could ever need, just a Facebook Page done correctly will be enough!

If you have any questions or comments on this post I’d be happy to see them! Also if you need any support with finding your way through the digital marketing world… drop us a line… You’ll be glad you did! www.HillProductionsandMediaGroup.com