Radio Campaigns? – How To Boost It Digitally – Radio Digital Single Push

Radio Campaigns — Oh Radio Campaigns…

You’re vital, but really expensive. You can be the biggest game changer… (If you have endless trunks of money/connections)…
BUT LETS ASSUME SOMETHING CRAZY… You don’t have endless trunks of money/connections to break a song on terrestrial radio campaigns… or even if you do… continue reading trust me…
How about an option of targeting real fans.. in a certain market… and capturing their information and them hearing your song… so you can go play a show and sell them something… Crazy right!?

Radio Digital Single Push Map

The service is called Radio Digital Single Push…

Digital Single Push is really, in short, tailored marketing and promotion of a single song. Its purpose is to get you as an artist, manager, or label more BUYING fans and capture more cash without splitting any more equity.

There is alot to cover in this post… So if you want to know more on Digital Single Push itself… Thats coming… I promise. But… To START.. Lets talk about…

Boosting an EXISTING radio campaign…

You get added for some spins on a local station… AWEEESOME. (Now lets consider what time you will be played… or how many spins you got)
Ok lets assume you get 7 spins. A solid add. That means throughout the week you are getting played ONCE a day! Maybe even at 3am! Sweeeeet.
How can we optimize this… How can we actually get REAL FANS, on your social media accounts… On your Spotify/Apple Music… How do we get their email so we can go play a show… and maybe they will show up and SING that song… How do we get listeners of the station even CALLING IN and requesting your song… So you get lets say… 30 spins a week… That’d be sweet.
Drum roll please…
Digital Single Push

Ok one more thing to push… and we have to talk about it… $$$, Cash, Mooolah.

Whether you work in radio, at a record label, are an artist manager or you are an independent artist yourself, your biggest concern is cash.

How are you going to make it, and where do you get it?

As an Artist, cash isn’t easy to make. Especially when starting out.

As an Artist Manager, you have artists that make money, and ones that seem to only need you to spend copious amounts on them.

As a Label, you have a team taking care of all your artists, but having worked in a label I can say first hand “Not all artists are treated equal.” And, who’s time is spent on is decided based on how much money they bring in.

It’s not personal, it’s just business.

And, if anything, it is a financially responsible one. It is the fiduciary responsibility of the label to the investors and staff of the company to ensure profits come in, and putting time and resources into an artist that is just starting out or needs momentum to build to become an “A” artist on the roster, doesn’t pay the lighting or coffee bills today.

Radio has been, and will remain important. There is no substitute for it. But it isn’t the only game in-town, and that is what Digital Single Push is, a THEEE new way to play the game.

Digital Single Push is a major record label team without any of the contracts.

So to the headline…. How does it work with your existing radio campaign?
Simply, it flips tradition on its head. Instead of going out as a manager, artist, or what-have-you yourself, DSP is a far more efficient way to reach fans, capture their information, create targeted content on captured data and convert interested parties into buying fans.

The cost? Up to 80 % less than breaking a new artist to radio.

This isn’t the holy grail no one has done before or seen, it is simply a team of marketing experts who have Grammy winning and nominated talent under their belts being innovative, smart, and understanding that times are changing.

Whether you are a smaller label that needs help, a manager with too many artists and not enough cash coming in, or an artist yourself looking for a better way, DSP is the next step.

DSP does not solve all issues or replace the importance of radio, but what it does do is give you a better chance at capturing real cash and getting your name out there and having it be remembered.

So Labels, instead of hiring interns that have too big of a learning curve to help, call us, Managers who are thinking radio costs too much and are looking for another option call us, and artists if you are looking for strategy, marketing team and wanting to make more money without giving up ownership of your art, call us.

The most you have to lose is time writing an email or calling in, what you have to gain could dramatically lessen the time it takes to capture real, recurring cash. success@hillproductionsinc.com

I’d rather have more money and more problems than no money and different problems.

What about you?