Get Real Results for Your Real Estate Website

So often we find that our “creative” counterparts decide they can build a real estate website for the local independent real estate office. And how does that work? It doesn’t. It results in a broken piece of virtual rubbish. The problem? It takes more than an eye for design and a sense of function to know how to create a working real estate website.

Real Rules For Real Estate Websites With MLS.

Laws and regulations are one thing which every developer must understand in order to work within the real estate industry. This is particularly important when working with the data feeds from the multiple listing service (MLS). It’s true, you can’t just pull info from wherever you want, no matter what anyone tells you. That is not legal and can get everyone in a fair amount of trouble. We work with a select partner to provide the data feed information and help us navigate the sea of rules so we don’t drown. It’s not a cheap solution, but then again – is anything GOOD, inexpensive?

There are also regulations about how agent credentials can be listed and where they must be displayed within the site. It’s not just as easy as quickly throwing information together and putting it on a pretty webpage. If you aren’t familiar with these rules check with your local board of realtors on the parameters of how your information must appear within advertising materials. (And don’t forget – a website is a piece of advertising material.)

Real Personality.

As with every project we do, we talk a lot about the importance of great photos to portray your brand. A good integrated marketing firm, like Hill Productions And Media Group, will have a whole cache of fantastically talented photographers to help capture your brand. We aren’t just talking about property photography either, nope, we are talking about photos of you, your team of agents, and your office. It’s vital in portraying who YOU are that you have great photography. Buyers (consumers) want to know who they are working with, before they ever meet you. This is another reason websites are so vital.

It’s about a….

Real Connection.

We always talk about meeting the consumer where they are. Sure, in the old days of selling real estate everything was phone based. People would drive around and look for property – see your sign in the yard – and then give you a call. Do they do that now? Well sure, maybe they will drive around and look at properties, but they don’t call you. Who uses the telephone? We know 70% of all transactions start online. They go to your website and will try to connect with you there. Make sure you have a great working email system in your office and that those email addresses link to forms on your website. Every listing better have a contact form, too. And it better go directly to the agent. That will make a real connection quickly between buyer and agent.

Real Results for Real Estate Websites.

All in all, if you do everything right and use the right firm to help you build your new real estate website, you’ll be far ahead of many of your competitors. BUT, if you want to go even further and get the best customer service experience, the best assistance from a firm that listens and cares, and the best result… even with follow up strategies that will mean more listings selling FASTER — you should use HPMG. Give us a call at 888.364.1216 (Toll Free) or email us for a free consultation.

By Justin Hill, HPMG Founder & Creative Director