Why It’s Important to Boost Facebook Posts

Digital media has taken off in the past ten years, and plenty of businesses that have started on Facebook have been seeing a slow downward trend in business and in the rate their customers reach out directly to them.

Why is this? One reason could be that Facebook has decided businesses need to contribute to their business of operating. Makes sense – you can’t very well run a business for free. That’s called volunteering, and while great companies still put an emphasis on volunteering, they are made by growing customer base and sales revenue. Facebook and other social media companies are starting to realize if a multi-billion dollar company over here is making money off of their platform, then why should we not share some of the profit?

Enter Facebook Ads Manager, where ads are created and billions of dollars are earned for the platform and spent by companies ranging in size from mom-and-pop (or pop-up) shops to Forbes 500 level companies. But creating ads is tricky; there are guidelines that Facebook lays out, and sometimes it’s all a bit cryptic to the average user. But it helps that you can set your own budget – whether that be $20 or $200 – a company like Hill Productions and Media Group can help you navigate this tricky terrain.

Another feature that Facebook offers is the ability to “boost” your post directly from your Timeline. Whether boosting a post or creating an ad in the Ads Manager, they make it pretty easy to set your target demographic and your budget.

One thing we highly recommend to new businesses is that you don’t simply dive into boosting those posts for engagement, but first have a plan in place to acquire quality page likes. This can be done a number of different ways, and our team would love to talk to you about a digital marketing plan to take your business to the next level.

We’ve heard of businesses saying that 99% of their posts are not being seen by the people who like their page on this platform – meaning their customers have to take the extra effort to deliberately go to their page and look at the posts. This means fewer and fewer business page posts are showing up on their ‘feeds’ organically. (The ‘feed’ is simply when you log in or open the app on your phone, it’s the latest from your friends and family – oftentimes leaving off all the businesses you may ‘like’ or follow.) There is a way to handle this, and our team can help you make sure your customers are more likely to see what you post. We offer one-on-one consulting and lead classes intermittently throughout the year. We’d love to talk more about this with you.

So you want more business and you want your ads or posts to be seen more frequently, right? Whether you try this on your own, or decide that you’d just rather have a firm like ours take care of the tough part for you, we have people on our team who are gifted with words, create engaging images and combine it all to make amazing things happen with your social marketing.

We want to hear what struggles (and successes) you’ve had in your own efforts. Email us today!

Sarah Howk
Media Specialist
Hill Productions & Media Group, Inc.