How to Gain Success Via Your Authentic Personal Brand

Guest blog post written by Lori Bumgarner, M.Ed., Passion & Career Coach at paNASH

As a business owner, you understand the importance of having a solid brand for your company. You’ve likely poured time and money into creating just the right branding concept that communicates to your audience exactly what your company is all about.

But have you ever given any thought to your personal brand? Because you do have one, whether you realize it or not.


Facebook Business Posting Tips

We are seeing less and less organic reach, meaning you have to pay for someone to see your page content on their Facebook feed. The minimum boost you can do is $1 per day for either a boosted post or a page like ad campaign. But then there are other rules as well


HPMG Founder and CEO Pens Book

Business consultants are often asked myriads of questions when becoming familiar with new clients and their businesses, however some questions (and the challenges they represent) could be called ‘typical’. Hill Productions & Media Group Founder and CEO, Justin Hill, addresses ten of these routine questions in his recently released book, “10 Things You Should Know…