Why It’s Important to Boost Facebook Posts

Digital media has taken off in the past ten years, and plenty of businesses that have started on Facebook have been seeing a slow downward trend in business and in the rate their customers reach out directly to them. Why is this? One reason could be that Facebook has decided businesses need to contribute to […]

Death of Traditional Retail & Small Towns?

Don’t Ignore This…. If consumer spending is up, and the stock market is breaking records, why are so many retailers and small towns failing? While I hate to oversimplify things, if we would all just use common sense, we would realize a major contributing factor is our inability to change with the fast moving market. […]

Hill Productions & Media Group CEO, Justin Hill, accompanies client and Hollywood legend, Robby Benson, on whirlwind 25th anniversary tour for Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast”

Robby Benson, the acclaimed film star and television director, recently traveled to Chicago and New York City to promote the 25th anniversary of Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” in which he voiced the character of the BEAST. Accompanying Benson on his promotional schedule in NYC was Justin Hill, CEO of Hill Productions & Media Group, as well as members of the Disney global PR team

Phonebook? Google Places? Facebook Page? Website? (Digital Marketing Tips)

Is a Facebook Page enough for my business? Is just a website enough? I get these questions every day from business owners running small shops to large corporations. Here is the quick answer… Yes, it’s enough for the result you are getting today. If you are happy with the results you are getting today and […]

Radio Campaigns? – How To Boost It Digitally – Radio Digital Single Push

Radio Campaigns — Oh Radio Campaigns… You’re vital, but really expensive. You can be the biggest game changer… (If you have endless trunks of money/connections)… BUT LETS ASSUME SOMETHING CRAZY… You don’t have endless trunks of money/connections to break a song on terrestrial radio campaigns… or even if you do… continue reading trust me… How […]